So This is What $$ Looks Like

I recently listened to a recorded “mastermind” class from a “world-renowned” “energy worker.” Yes, I am using the parenthesis intentionally to communicate a skeptical attitude. This person plainly stated that abundance blocks are the cause of poverty. According to her “wisdom” channeled from the spirit world, people are poor because they have not learned how to overcome their self-imposed resistance to the energetic flow of wealth. Hm. 

As a social justice advocate, I can’t align with that belief system. I’m pretty sure that institutional systems exist that favor power and privilege for some categories of people to maintain the economic status quo. Sure, we all know the story that so-and-so grew up in relative poverty and then worked hard and developed a genius idea that fulfilled an important social need and earned wealth. I won’t contest that very American libertine-entrepreneurial narrative. However, poverty is a ruthless cycle, and one that offers limited opportunity for advancement out of it. If someone is experiencing the hardships of poverty, I am not going to say, “well you should have thought about that before you blocked your abundance energy channels.”

I only know my own life, of course, and I am willing to recognize that I may have abundance blocks. I did choose at one point to marry a man who demonstrated the capacity for abuse and violence, and I married him with knowledge of that pattern. That is over now, and the quality of my life has greatly improved, but for a couple of years, my baseline was set pretty low. A weekend without locking myself in the bathroom with my dog to get away from him was a success.

In an effort to confront my own possible abundance blocks, I returned to where the marriage began in Pittsburgh, but raised the bar for myself to communicate that I deserve joy, peace, and fulfillment. Wealth consciousness experts suggest that one of the most effective ways to overcome abundance blocks is to surround yourself with spaces of wealth. Although I typically stay at backpacker hostels and eat street food or peanut butter and honey sandwiches when I travel, I decided to launch full on into the recommendation from expert spenders. I stayed at a 4.6 star hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, drank complimentary wine, valet parked my little Ford Fiesta with its cracked windshield, and ate at a spot ranked with a double dollar sign. For one entire 24-hour period, I lived life with the abandon of someone in a much higher earning bracket. 

Hotel Monoco Chandelier
I want to buy that chandelier and have it installed inside the free clinic, the drop-in center, or the women’s shelter. 

So that’s what wealth feels like: warm and well-fed; served a wide variety of reds, whites, and coffees with thick, rich cream; surrounded by pillows, plush carpet, artisanal chandeliers, and supposedly happy people. In my mind, I conducted a race/class/gender analysis on the space. I can’t help it, I’ve been brainwashed by liberal higher education institutions. At the complimentary wine hour, everyone was white. Literally. Even the hotel staff pouring the glasses were white, while the staff who collected the used and empty glasses were not white. Apparently, social differences exist even among the service industry staff. I felt out of place. At the restaurant, I ordered a croissant sandwich with egg whites, avocado, arugula, and sundried tomatoes with a side of carrot soup. The serving size was massive, far more than I could eat at one time. I was seated directly beside a table of women who were engaged in a very loud and very tedious gossip session about other mothers at their daughters’ ballet classes. Seriously. Their noise and their vibes upset my stomach. I ate half of the food, and then took what remained with me for my other meal. 

Wine Hour
So THIS is what wealth looks like…

If that is abundance, then maybe it’s not for me. I do see how wealthy people are given more than non-wealthy people. At the hotel, we were given the wine. As much as we wanted to drink. It was free. Doesn’t it make more sense to give free wine to people staying at a two star motel? It felt like the assumption was that the more wealth you already have, the more deserving you are of further privilege. 

Hotel Monaco Hallway
The hotel was very beautiful, but I’m pretty sure this hallway was haunted. 

Did I overcome my abundance blocks? I might not know for awhile. I’m not sure that energy immediately produces its outcome of cause and effect. What I do know is that I formed a much more fun relationship with the city of Pittsburgh. I have now effectively filed the earlier memories into the “over” cabinet of my brain. Maybe that’s all the abundance I really need. 

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