About the Writer

Hi. I’m Amanda Lynn Barker, a traveler, writer, community organizer, and metaphysical practitioner. My published works include Restless Flesh (2012), a collection of short fiction; Door Waves (2012), a script for experimental theatre; and two collections of free verse poetry, Random Acts of Alchemy (2014), and The Spirits Speak in Free Verse (2017).

I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and considers myself on a pandemic assignment. As the Director of Community Organizing with the Greater Cincinnati Area Coalition for the Homeless, I am in a position to redesign how the advocacy and campaigning efforts look while maintaining social distance. It is a challenge, but it gives me focus and direction in this time of volatility when travel is not an option.

Selfie April 10
Selfie from April 10, 2020

I have a BA from Indiana University in Communication and Culture, an MA from Humboldt State University in Social Science, and two professional certificates in Positive Psychology and Project Management. I am also ordained as a Metaphysical Practitioner through the International Metaphysics Ministry. My spirituality influences my view of time and space, and gives dimension to my experience with travel and fellow travelers.

The past is pushed away and the borders are more challenging to cross, if not even completely impossible. The future exists as a now unimaginable space that forces us all to redefine and redesign our expectations for our lives. Why travel if it doesn’t change us? Every moment is an opportunity to evolve, to blink and reemerge from behind our closed eyes to see a different world.

I write these essays with the intention of inspiring others to seek and find, to dream and build, and to journey to the horizon carrying the full knowledge that the horizon is not real, but an illusion that is never reached. We are all on a journey through this temporary arrangement. Let’s explore beyond the boundaries history has constructed.