Food and Sleep

The Balcony
Breakfast and writing from a balcony at the Guest House Bistrik in Sarajevo.

The most delicious pear I ever ate was from Hungary. The pears in Croatia were a close second best. When I travel, I fundamentally survive on a diet of street food, fruit, bread, and cafe au lait. Who decided it is supposed to be expensive to eat while traveling? With a square of tin foil and a zip lock plastic bag, I can pack food for a day of busing, or an adventure on foot.

A hostel that offers free breakfast is a cash saver. Rise early like I do, and you’ll be the first at the buffet line, sipping rich coffee, and savoring a hard boiled egg spread over whatever warm bread is served. My most memorable breakfast was in Prague at the Hostel Cosmopole. I was visiting for my 35th birthday. I was the first one on the rooftop patio that morning with my plate of food, and I heard the city waking up in the distance.

The view from the rooftop terrace at the Hostel Cosmopole in Prague. 

These are stories of my experiences and what I have learned about food and hospitality while traveling. From supermarket buffets in Bratislava, to cafes that didn’t survive the pandemic, I share my knowledge gained from an experimental mouth and an open mind. They are experiences that are the same everywhere, but different. Everywhere offers animal products, vegetable products, and beverages; the nuance is in how they are produced and prepared. A simple pear grown in one location tastes fundamentally different than a pear from somewhere else.

Similarly, sleep is the same everywhere. Lodging in its simplest form access to a bed and clean, running water. It is also the common ground to gather, relax, and celebrate the connections with other people. Some places attract people who are more inviting and peaceful than others. While traveling, it is necessary to learn how to identify the places that run in alignment with a compatible energy. I review and describe various types of hospitality establishments and options experienced along my Earth journeys, like a yurt in the Siskiyou-Trinity Alps, or a quaint hostel in Guadalajara.

I also offer tips and insights, like how to pack for your personality type, or how to avoid being the only person in your shared bunk room with a social conscience. If you like what you read and want to keep reading, be sure to “Like” Earth Journey, and feel free to share it with your friends!

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