Ollantaytambo Ruins (2)
Exploring what remains of the Inca civilization in Ollantaytambo, Peru.

Events that unfold leave imprints on time and space. As someone who can perceive of those delicate scars, every pathway and trail traversing our expansive planet opens itself to me. The longer a space has been inhabited with the human story, the deeper the wounds of pain, and the more joyful the moments of healing.

In many human spaces, history is longer than what is commonly shared. Borders are redrawn, and today nobody knows why. Castles transform into shopping malls. Sacred mountains are given to a different god, and man builds a new temple. The words have changed with the rise and fall of numbered years and civilizations, but the subtle energy is written forever onto time.

Shopping outside the Walls
Vendor stalls surround the walls of Diocletian’s palace in Split, Croatia. 

These are stories of my investigations into events that have occurred before the new millennium. Many times, they are the story behind the story of moderately well-known tourist destinations such as architectural masterpiecesarchaeological sites, and public plazas. Gaze deep into the mysterious human story on your next Earth journey. If you like what you read, follow and share my site to stay connected!

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